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PMI 20-90


Shoulder Therapy System


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


What does PMI 20-90 stand for?

Passive Motion Immobilizer 20 degrees to 90 degrees of abduction

Is the PMI 20-90 heavy?

The shoulder therapy system brace is not heavy itself – so it should not weigh too havy on your neck. However, the pump is about 3 lbs, but is seperate from the shoulder system, and will not cause any uncomfortableness.

Can I wash the PMI 20-90?

Yes, simply remove the plastic arm board and wash on a light cycle.

Can I shower with the brace on?

You can shower with the brace on itself, if and only if, you can cover it completely with a water resistent bag. You MAY NOT shower with the PUMP – it is electrical and could cause severe injury or death.

Can the brace be worn outside of home?

Yes, the brace can me worn outside of home. However, the pump will not work unless it is attached to an electrical outlet. You have the option to either detach the pump from the shoulder system and wear it alone, or carry the pump with the handle on top of it to wherever your destination may be.

What is the billing code for the PMI 20-90 and what does it reimburse?

The PMI 20-90 has been approved as a L3960 which as a ceiling of, 854.75 and a floor of, 641.06.

What insurance will pay for the PMI 20-90?

The PMI 20-90 has been approved as a L3960 which as a ceiling of, 854.75 and a floor of, 641.06.

What are the PMI 20-90’s cycle times?

The PMI 20-90 has three set cycle times: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 45 minutes.

What are the PMI 20-90’s set degrees?

The PMI 20-90 can is capable of achieving: 20-45 degrees, 20-60 degrees, 20-70 degrees, and 20-90 degrees of pure glenohumeral abduction.

The Brace

Can you set the PMI 20-90 at a particular degree of abduction?

Yes, the PMI 20-90 can lock and hold air at what ever degree of abduction is necessary for patient compliance and comfort.

Is the pillow curved?

The PMI 20-90’s pillow is curved to a proved a superior fit to the patient and to capture the scapula.

What is the importance of capturing the scapula?

By capturing the scapula the patient is able to achieve a true 90 degrees of passive glenohumeral motion.

The Pump

Can I plug my pump to either the front or back of my PMI 20-90?

Yes, the PMI 20-90 is bilateral and can be plugged in through either side of the brace.

What if my pump gets hot?

If your pump is hot, it has probably been running for too long. To cool it down and avoid damage, unplug the pump, and let it rest for a couple hours before another usage.

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