ProLine Innovations

Advancing the Bracing Industry


ProLine Prime has been developed for you.  Each of our products are PDAC approved and takes traditional bracing to a new level.


ProLine Premier is geared toward advancing the bracing industry by launching proprietary products such as the patent-pending PMI 20-90 shoulder therapy system. We provide education on how to properly bill third party payors for increased benefit.


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ProLine Performance, our advanced athletic bracing series, is currently being developed and will be released soon.


Our development team is in the design process of an advanced athletic bracing line that will be released soon. Contact us if you have innovative ideas or are interested in partnering with our team.



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PMI 20-90

Shoulder Therapy System

Continuous Passive Motion

The CPM feature allows range of motion in the immediate postoperative phase, improving function and results.

Adjustable Abduction

The adjustable abduction feature allows variable positioning. This dramatically improves patient comfort and the ability to sleep following surgery.

PMI 20-90 Pump

The tehcnologically developed, PMI 20-90 pump, allows for patient-controlled CPM therapy as directed by surgeon.

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